Here are a set of high quality e-learning courses that are provided by Global Health Training Centre. These are short courses designed to support the design and operation of clinical and laboratory studies and in the capture of high quality and ethical data. These are general research skills courses that apply to all types of study.

All of these courses are free to take, and each can be taken offline if needed, with the quiz being the only part that requires internet access. To view other eLearning courses please visit The Global Health Training Centre. All eLearning coures offer certificates for those who score over 80% in the final quiz.

Single module courses:
  1. Introduction to clinical research (available in: FrançaisEspañol中文, PortuguêsViệt,Swahili)
  2. ICH Good Clinical Practice (available in: FrançaisEspañolBahasa IndonesiaViệt)
  3. Introduction to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice
  4. Children and Clinical Research
  5. Introduction to Data management
Modular Courses:
  1. Data Sharing *NEW*
  2. Ethics in epidemics, emergencies and disasters: Research, surveillance and patient care
  3. INTERGROWTH-21st course on maternal, fetal and newborn growth monitoring (available in: EspañolPortuguês)
  4. Research Ethics Online Training

We aim to provide these courses in multiple languages, and many translations are in progress. However, if you know someone who might be able to help by volunteering their time in translating these courses, please let us know! In the meanwhile, the google translate function is also available at the top of the screen as an interim means of assistance.