Welcome to Repository Finder, an online tool to help you select an appropriate repository for your health research data. This tool asks a few simple questions about your study requirements before suggesting potential repository candidates for your study. A ratings feature has been built into Repository Finder as part of a crowd-review initiative to further enhance the information provided by the tool.

Information on how to use Repository Finder can be found in the User Guide, which can be accessed by clicking on the question mark button.

We want your feedback! We would really like to hear your experiences of using Repository Finder in order to guide future development. Please click on the feedback button to complete a short survey. Thank you!

Please note that the repositories included here have been reviewed according to various criteria. The tool is designed to act as an initial guide to researchers only and inclusion does not indicate endorsement or recommendation by the EDCTP. In addition, the views and opinions of authors expressed in these resources do not necessarily state or reflect those of EDCTP.

The answers provided during the use of the tool are anonymous and will be stored solely for future development of the tool. For more information, please see The Global Health Network privacy policy.